This Is The Most Helpful Way On How To Make You Shine At Your Next Job Interview

How Knowing About Personality Preferences Can Help With Interviews And Networking

There are many ways to prepare yourself for the employee hiring process, or your next networking event. One method that may get overlooked, is knowing more about personality preferences. Assessing your personality preferences can help you sort your natural inclinations into a connected combination that can help you communicate better. This can be extraordinarily helpful when applying for a job, and companies are recruiting candidates and looking to hire top talent. Continue reading

Do You Know The Best 4 Ways To Be Positive When You Lost A Job?

Lead with Intention. Leave with Grace, Dignity, and Integrity. Click To Tweet

Leading with intention, leaving with grace and dignity, all while keeping your integrity intact is easier than you think. Well, maybe not easy, but not difficult either.

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Here Are The Best 5 Tips That Will Make You Secure Your Dream Job

Brand It Til You Land It :

Marketing yourself online is extremely important in the 21st century, where the internet plays a huge part in several aspects of life, particularly in business. It is fairly common, when recruiting candidates, for professional recruiters and hiring managers to employ Social Recruiting as part of their recruitment strategies to obtain top talent. Often, we hear the term ‘brand’ being applied to large companies; however, there are many ways you can use the same techniques to sell yourself (even if you are not a freelancer or entrepreneur). A clear personal ‘brand’ is that extra something special that will increase your ability to land your dream job and climb the career ladder!

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Here Are The Best 10 Ways To Be Sure A Potential Employer Is The Right Fit For You

If you want to be a smarter jobseeker, it’s time to turn the tables during the hiring process! Click To Tweet

If you are going to a job interview or expect to be presented with a job offer from a company, guess what? Part of today’s hiring practices for recruiting candidates include researching you via Google, and your Social Media accounts. They want to make sure that they’re hiring good employees.

But who says that the company to which you are applying is right for you?

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This Is How To Make The Most Of The Right Recruitment Opportunities As An Introvert

Going through the recruitment process as an introvert can be challenging. Here are some practical strategies to make the most of opportunities for jobs or promotions as an introvert.

Traditional Recruitment Practice And Introverts

Key aspects of: Traditional recruitment practices seem to work against everything that’s natural for introverts. Click To Tweet Interviews can be particularly demanding. You talk to a person or panel of people you probably don’t know. You’re focusing on yourself, especially your best points, being as confident and outgoing as you can. Add in the constraints of a limited amount of time into the high-pressure environment of being assessed, and it’s enough to start making excuses not to put yourself in that position. Continue reading

Here Are The Best 4 Tips That Will Make You More Likeable…

….Both Online And Off:   

      Why do some people seem to connect easily during interviews or at networking events and others struggle to keep a natural conversation going? Whether you are in the midst of a job search or wanting to polish your personal brand, being likeable is that “X-factor” that can set you apart and win you friends, jobs, sales, and more.
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Why Was WorkSearch Created & How Can It Benefit Me?

WorkSearch: Fixing What’s Broken In Job Search

     Have you ever looked for a job using the available online job boards? Have you ever been less than impressed by the results? How about the complete lack of results? We’ve been there. In fact, WorkSearch was created out of the sheer frustration that our CEO had with the way things in job search are conducted. After becoming thoroughly pissed at the system, he vowed to create a new one…and WorkSearch was born. Continue reading

4 steps to take if you’re laid off

It’s one of the things you feared most recently: You were laid off.

There are some who go into a job and know that a layoff is likely. There are seasonal layoffs and there are long-term layoffs. It used to be that despite a layoff, the more seniority you have, the more likely you are to be recalled. You had a pretty clear picture of what would happen and when. 

With the proliferation of such things as right to work laws, union’s loss of collective bargaining abilities, dramatic insurance changes causing more expensive benefits for employers, and, quite frankly, a focus on hiring the least expensive employee as possible, rehiring has changed.

Business is volatile in that if you produce a product, contracts and trade agreements often supersede the needs of employees. Some sources just plain question whether there is the employer-employee loyalty that once was the norm. 

In short, do not depend on that job coming back your way. If you’re laid off, it’s important to take the following steps:

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3 tips for changing career fields

You have finally come to the difficult decision that that plan for a dream job just hasn’t worked for you. You gave it your all, but ultimately you must make a change. 

Reality is paramount in making this decision to change career fields. Money and benefits could be great levelers. After all, it is ultimately why we work, although as you have discovered, job satisfaction is very important.

Let’s say you have decided to switch from IT professional to photographer. You need to ask yourself the question: is being a photographer a viable professional choice? Photography may be a good choice as a hobby, but it may not be affordable to be a career photographer. What if you want to be an entrepreneur and you have the drive and the skills to be one? If you do not have enough money saved and another source for benefits, such as with a working legal partner, how are you going to afford to be self-employed?

However, do not forget that you must make that move. It is a question of when.

Figuring out what you want to do 

Let’s say, for example, you have made the decision to be in the medical field. You have heard from friends that it is very secure and you know you could be happy helping others.

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How to find a new job quickly


Whether you just graduated, lost a current job, or have had a change in your financial situation that means you need to get a job quickly, it can be 
stressful. Finding a job can be challenging as it is, but when you have to find one quickly, it can be quite demanding. Although it may not be ideal, you may need to just accept what you can to meet financial obligations, even if it means a job that doesn’t meet your interests or salary requirements. When you need to find a job fast, the following tips can help:

Focus on your skills 

If you already have job experience, that can make it easier to find a job quickly. If you haven’t had your first job yet, don’t fret: just focus on your other qualifications. For example, having any kind of a degree really gives you a good chance at employment. Getting a degree is in itself an accomplishment. You have worked hard, and you have demonstrated a degree of learning just by graduating.


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