Common resume mistakes you should avoid

Your resume is often the main professional representation of yourself. Aside from your cover letter, it’s usually the first thing your next potential employer will see when you apply for a position. In a competitive job market where it’s important to stand out (and in a good way), having a resume that shines is crucial.

Don’t overlook the basics

Firstly, be certain not to have typographical or other errors on your resume. Double check and triple check anything and everything. Have more than one person review your resume

Grammar is important, and look up anything that you’re unsure about. A prospective employer knows there is no excuse for usage mistakes based on the availability of the word processing software. You also want to ensure that your proficient use of technology shows everywhere. You would never want a prospective employer to get the impression that you do not care or that you lack basic skills.

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Searching for a new job when you’re already employed

Whether you’re unhappy with your current job, or you simply want to see what other opportunities are out there, searching for a new job while you’re already employed can be tricky.

Get Organized, and Prepared—Details Count 

Update your resume, and safely use any of the time you may have (breaks, lunch hours, etc.) to start looking for new employment. If you have vacation time or holiday time, take it and devote it to your job search. Play by the rules by submitting reasonable requests for time away. One word of caution on this: if you have a lot of “time coming,” and termination is on the docket, you may draw attention to yourself and your supervisor could refuse or hold onto your request until you are terminated and severance pay is determined, if applicable.

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5 signs that it’s time to find a new job

 Nearly everyone who has had their employment terminated will tell you that there were signs of the termination either all along, or at least there was some kind of warning signs close to the event.

One of the most recent signs that may be present is that a person represented as a new employee appears to have a way-too-similar job to yours. In short order, you are asked to train that person as to the duties of your position. If you have a company that you know is growing by leaps and bounds, it may be okay. But generally, this is a bad sign, and you may want to get a new job lined up as soon as possible.

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4 struggles you’ll relate to if you’re in between jobs

There are many reasons why people find themselves in between jobs.  But no matter what, unless you have a large amount of money saved, that is likely to be your primary concern.  The lack of savings could be exacerbated if you are the sole provider in your household.  If you have a roommate or a partner, things may be a bit easier, but perhaps not for long. If you’re currently in between jobs, the following probably hit close to home:

Financial struggles

One of the biggest challenges you might face if you’re in between jobs is keeping up with the bills. If you believe you will qualify, and perhaps you were told so at the termination meeting, file for unemployment compensation, either at your nearest state office, by telephone, online. It may not be much, but it can help take care of some immediate expenses until you find your next job.

Lack of benefits

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