3 common mistakes to avoid during hiring process

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The hiring process can be stressful and length, and any employer knows that finding that perfect candidate can be problematic at times. To ensure things go smoothly next time you need to hire someone at your company, you’ll want to avoid some of the following common hiring mistakes:

Failing to communicate with strong candidates

Whether an applicant is following up after an application or after a job interview, it’s important to maintain contact with that candidate if they are still in the running. Unless they are no longer a possible contender, complete radio silence can send the wrong message that you’re no longer interested.

Taking too long to make an offer

You have begun reviewing resumes and decide to interview two. They are both available and you call one back for a second and final interview. It may have taken longer than you hoped, but you are feeling pretty good about your hiring process. Your selection has the right mix between skill sets, personality, temperament and work ethic; in short, you have a dream candidate.

You prepare the offer and you make that phone call. You wait a day for a return phone call before sending an email. You do not get an immediate answer.

The next morning you get a polite email stating that your candidate has accepted another offer. In your heart of hearts, you know the whole process was taking too long and, sure enough, another lucky company won. It happens.

Not making the job description clear

Perhaps there was something you could have added (or subtracted) from the position’s job description as presented. You decide after re-reviewing the past candidate’s resume that the job description was ok. You tweaked it a little, realizing that your past candidate pretty much had it all, but you decided to add a couple of small things to ensure accuracy.

The best part of it all is that you are moving forward, and if these folks turn out not to be right, you will move forward again.

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