3 signs that you’ve found the right person for the job

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 It has taken longer than you hoped for, it has cost even more, but you are the happiest employer around. Your newest hire has been great. You are getting positive feedback, the employee is meeting your benchmarks, and all is well in your company’s world. The following are some signs that you have the right person for the role—and if you don’t, how to find that perfect candidate:

Beyond the performance review

Being happy doesn’t mean that the employee laughs a lot, dances in the lunchroom, or hums under his/her breath. That could happen, but there is a far more significant indicator and what is nice is that it can be documented for the benefit of the employee and for the department and the company overall.

One vehicle is the employee performance review, of course, where facts are tracked—for example, absences and related things. Benchmarks are either tracked as needed, and others are set. All things part of the role is noted.

They show initiative

Initiative is a huge indicator of employee happiness. No employee has to gush all the time about the work; some are just completely content with what they do. Self-starters are an employer’s dream because they require little supervision and somehow have a second sense of what the rules, parameters and expectations are.

They are happy

The content employee who initiates something in the work process usually has a reason. Perhaps they have seen, maybe as a new outsider, that there is a more efficient way to tackle larger projects. Just getting the day-to-day work done may be challenging, but somehow the content employee finds a way to do this extra and important job.

Even content employees fail, but as long as they have not superseded their authority, they should still be praised for initiative taken.

How to find that perfect employee

Are you still looking for the right person for the job? Whether you’re filling for a new role or you’re replacing a current employee on your team, finding that perfect employee can be easier than you think.

Find the right person on WorkSearch.com

Filling a job can be a lot like dating and relationships. You’ll go through a lot of wrong people before you eventually find “the one.” At times, things will seem hopeless and you’ll almost just want to settle on someone that isn’t quite what you’re looking for, but is good enough. This is a bad way to live—when it comes to relationships, and when it comes to filling a job. 

Finding the perfect person for an open role doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, finding “the one” can actually be much easier and faster than you think—and without the grueling process of sorting through irrelevant resumes or conducting bad interviews.

When it comes to relationships, some people are lucky and find their soul mate relatively quickly. It could be a perfect match from the first date, and when it comes to interviewing candidates, you can sometimes get just as lucky. But let’s face it—with current job boards and services and the way they operate, this is highly unlikely.

WorkSearch.com operates differently than the other job posting websites you’re used to. Just like with certain dating websites, we implement a unique matching algorithm that pairs you up with candidates that are more likely to be the perfect fit for the job you’re looking to fill. This saves you a significant amount of time by helping you find the ideal candidate much faster. Once you try WorkSearch.com, we’re confident you won’t look elsewhere the next time you need to fill a role. Sign up as a job poster today!

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