Overcoming some of the biggest hurdles during the hiring process

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Finding the right person for the position you’re looking to fill can clearly be one of the biggest hurdles that any hiring manager faces. Just because 
someone looks great on their resume doesn’t mean they are a perfect fit. Some other obstacles that employers typically face during the hiring process include:

Promoting from within vs. outside hire

One big hurdle you may face is whether to promote within or go with an outside hire. Your company’s policies must be followed to the letter. For example, companies typically post their jobs and support promotion from within, and you may need to start there.

Make sure any employee who comes forward is given a fair opportunity, so there are no problems when hiring goes outside, if needed 

If you are looking to possibly promote within, it’s a good idea to also get started on an outside job search as well. This way, if an internal candidate doesn’t turn out to be a good match, you wouldn’t have wasted too much time if you have an outside job search underway.

The training process

If your eventual hire is given additional on-the-job training or other tools, make sure that you are not exceeding what you have offered to others, relatively speaking. Get to them first with some new ideas toward their advancement. Their desire to improve should not be penalized in any way.

Do not hesitate to enlist the services of your boss to placate employees. If there is conflict and it is the business of your new employee, you might consider giving that person a heads up. 


Some other hurdles during the hiring process might involve a competitor bettering your offer. This goes on all the time. The candidate may not make the choice just based on money, so if this is a competitive position, be prepared to counter offer after you talk with your boss. Maybe a company car is in order. Extra vacation? Do we hear product discounts? Whatever it might be, it could put down a competitor’s deal.

Find that perfect candidate today with WorkSearch.com

If you are confident that you are making the best offer for the best person available, you need to work with what you have, and it could mean settling. Once you become the employer, you must do whatever you can by way of providing tools and training to see to it that your candidate succeeds and, in turn, so does your department, as well as the company.

Offering training to a mediocre candidate can be a gamble. It could work out okay, or it could end up being a total disaster. Why not make sure you find the right employee from the get-go? With WorkSearch.com, finding qualified candidates has never been easier.

At WorkSearch.com, we use a special algorithm that matches up eligible job candidates with employers. This means you’ll only see the profiles of candidates that are much more likely to be the right fit for the position you’re filling. Gone are the days of sorting through endless resumes and applications that simply don’t have the qualifications and experience you’re looking for in a candidate.

Taking the guesswork out of the hiring process simplifies everything and helps save you a lot of time and frustration. You can get all the important information you need about available candidates at no charge, and you only pay a fee when you’re ready to reach out and schedule an interview. It’s that simple, and is a feature that is exclusively offered through WorkSearch.com.

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