Should you hire a candidate who will need to relocate?

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There are a couple of situations you can find yourself in when it comes to bringing in a potential employee from a different geographical location, or sending an existing employee to work within your organization, but at enough of a distance requiring relocation. If your company is experienced at such moving around, there are people to talk to about how to handle either. But the responsibility is yours, and you’ll want to consider both the pros and cons:

Cost considerations

You will need to consider the cost of relocation assistance, in addition to possible travel costs, which can make it difficult to conduct interviews. Your company may be willing to provide relocation assistance to the right candidate, but if it’s not within your company’s budget, these expenses may be the candidate’s responsibility.


Make sure the employee has a clear picture of what can be expected. For example, the move could be to a smaller town. If the employee has children, schools may be a consideration. Can the employee buy a home or rent? On the other hand, the move could be to a big city. The adjustment to a completely new location can be both a good or bad thing. Some people will easily adjust and thrive with the change, whereas others might have a hard time adapting.

Change of heart

Be prepared, as the employee might ultimately agree to go through the process and then change his/her mind, and then you have an employee who may have residual doubts about what he/she has decided. It is important that you deal with the employee sooner rather than later because that person still has existing work to do.

The right candidate

As a hiring manager, you’re likely familiar with the fact that finding the perfect candidate—especially for an important role—isn’t always easy. Sometimes, the right person isn’t located in your current city, and you might need to expand your search and cast a wider net. Even if it means that your company is paying for relocation assistance, it could be worth the extra costs if it means hiring the right person for the job.

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