Why is it so difficult to find the perfect candidate?

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If you’ve had difficulties finding the right candidate for a position you’re trying to fill, you’re certainly not alone. Although you might receive a lot of applications, finding that perfect candidate—even after you’ve gone through rounds of interviews—can be challenging.

Our complicated world

With the speed at which technology moves, things are changing minute by minute. High school, college and technical school curricula are not always up to speed, so to speak, with this fact. In order to pay attention to the left hand, sometimes the right hand does not know what the other is doing. This doesn’t make people bad, or ill intentioned.

Let’s say, for instance, a fabulous technician is your leading candidate. He or she is experienced, fits the job and you like the person’s attitude. So you hire this person only to find out that they are a poor written communicator. Should a company be expected to teach this person how to write?  You have no cause for termination, just because you assume that the educators did their job and that didn’t happen.

The right qualifications

Even being on the same page with other skills can be very dicey. What does bi-lingual mean? What does working with circuit boards mean? What does being a good communicator entail? What does it mean to be familiar with CAD or blueprint reading? What is common sense?

A candidate could have a huge skill set that is appealing to you and have one missing skill that is a deal breaker. How do you figure that out ahead of time?

Finding solutions

There has to be solutions. One idea is to beef up testing prior to hire with specific tests. A human resources person known to this writer insisted on being trained on the parts of a piece of equipment that her company makes to test a prospective employee. Bi-lingual can be a test piece if an existing employee speaks the language the candidate needs for the job. Finally, writing and for that matter, reading, can be tested. General technical manuals may be useful.

But, many companies complain about having to spend all this time on an applicant, no matter how much the hire is desired.

Simplify your search with WorkSearch.com

As a hiring manager, you’re likely familiar with just how daunting it can be to fill an open position. You post a job online and before you know it, you’re flooded with applications and resumes. Perhaps you have someone helping you sort through everything, or maybe you use resume software to narrow everything down a bit more. The problem is that you’re still left with a tremendous amount of applications and resumes to go through. As you narrow down your choices more, you might discover that only a few resumes match what you’re looking for—perhaps there are no matches. Frustrated, you try reposting your job ad in hopes that the perfect candidate will come along. You also try scouring through the uploaded resumes and looking for key phrases that might bring you to the ideal person, but you find the entire process to just be too overwhelming and time-consuming. This is how WorkSearch.com differs from everything else out there.

At WorkSearch.com, we simplify the process with a special matching algorithm. This unique technology does all the dirty work for you and saves you a significant amount of time by matching you up with the people you’re more likely to interview and hire. Our services are free to use initially and you only pay a small fee when you’ve found that perfect candidate, and you’re ready to contact him or her.

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