WorkSearch: A New Concept In Hiring & Job Search Is Born

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Job Search & Hiring Process:

     Like so many things throughout our collective history, necessity (or frustration) spawns invention. The same is true of WorkSearch. Created out of sheer exasperation with the “go-to” Job Boards (you know who they are, you’ve probably been annoyed by them when you’ve had a job opening or while job searching), Kenny Berger, CEO of WorkSearch, decided that if there wasn’t a better way available, he was going to make one!

     As an entrepreneur that owns several companies, Kenny has often been in the position of recruiting top talent. Of course, he did what anyone else does when they have job vacancies…he used the available employment websites. What he found immediately after listing his job openings, was that he was being inundated with resumes that had nothing to do with the available position(s). Additionally, he was immediately and overwhelmingly spammed, only to then discover that his personal information had been sold. He’d had enough.

The following is the creation story of WorkSearch via a Q&A with Kenny Berger:

What’s the story behind WorkSearch? Why will both the job poster and the job seeker really appreciate this product?

     KB: “My personality is one of fairness, so when I see something that I feel isn’t right, or there is no other option and someone is taken advantage of, I try to find a way to correct it. Such is the case with Worksearch. I own several companies that directly employ approximately 50 amazing people. As my business has grown over the years, many times I have had the unpleasant task of searching and vetting potential employees. There are several avenues available, like: Craigslist, Linkedin, Careerbuilder, Monster, etc., in addition to the recruiting services that I’ve tried.    

  Hiring blue collar workers using these companies was a royal pain and it was very expensive. I found out the hard way that online job boards charge a lot to post, and then charge again to search; the results of which were mostly inaccurate. Then, I realized my information had been shared because my inbox was instantly slammed with junk mail. I started doing some research on the job seeker side and saw many reviews claiming, ‘SCAM!!, UPSELLS!!, PHONE SOLICITORS!!!’.

     At that time, I was interested in trying to hire my next employee away from one of my competitors, and I quickly found out that the employed seeker had nowhere to actively search for a better opportunity without fear of getting fired. What I began to see was an antiquated system that was broken. Even the newer job boards were built the same way, with only a minor tweak here or there.

     So, what I set out to do was to create an online job searching environment where both parties can use our system completely free in a private, secure platform, where both poster and seeker are anonymous. I am also determined that WorkSearch be regarded as a trustworthy service. That’s why I created the concept of “NO ONE PAYS UNLESS BOTH POSTER AND SEEKER AGREE TO CONNECT”. I know this hasn’t been tried in the online job industry until now, and I’m so glad I can provide it as an option.

     I also wanted the price to be fair to both parties. With that in mind, I established the policy that if one party spends their token to attempt to contact the other party, and the request is declined, their token is returned for reuse. This is our “True Match Guarantee”. There are many other exciting features to WorkSearch that only enhance the users’ experience like:

  • Instead of using resumes, we use our patent-pending, skills-matching algorithm which provides the users with a match-rating score. This eliminates the countless hours wasted on scanning unqualified resumes.

  • Another cool feature, is that we provide employed seekers with the ability to block their current employer to ensure that you won’t be matched with them, should they also be searching.

     My main goal was to fix a broken system that, to me, seemed very unfair to the users. Also, I wanted to show the big dogs that their days of unfair business practices are numbered. We are here to help posters and seekers connect as quickly and efficiently as possible without all the BS!

As a Job Poster, which services have you tried when looking for qualified candidates? What was the specific problem with each? What did you see as “broken”? Why?

     KB: “I’ve tried using recruiting companies, but they’re way too expensive for a 50K position. I’ve used what everyone does: Indeed, Careerbuilder and Craigslist, etc.

     Online job boards charge to post, and again to search; some resemble a PPC method. Click To Tweet The biggest issue for me was the wasted time reading countless, unqualified resumes. You’re just a number, meaning your data is shared and likely sold. You have to constantly repost your job to be at the top of the search results for candidates just so your post looks fresh.

     Craigslist is just horrible! When I posted with instructions for no calls, but to instead submit a resume listing skills, I was phone-bombed. I received resumes that only had one line, and 99% of the applicants were crap. It’s a great way to waste a ton of time and money!

     What’s broken is that these companies all share information. This old-fashioned system requires countless hours of combing through resumes, and if you want to post the same position in a nearby city, it’s another posting fee, and your inbox gets spammed! In my experience, their search results suck. I’ve typed in a search for a carpenter and my paid results were for a nurse, electrician, truck driver, teacher, etc.; anything but what I was looking for. In my humble opinion, they just don’t seem to care enough to fix it because they are raking in the dough.”

How does WorkSearch address those problems? How does it offer a solution?

         KB: “First, the cost is free to post, and free to search. There is a guarantee that you don’t pay unless a candidate that you have selected through our matching process accepts your contact request. If they decline, your token is returned. Our patent-pending, anonymous-matching algorithm matches the skills that the posters need to the skills the seekers have. This instantly provides matches with a scoring system, making it faster and easier to select the best match for your company, all while maintaining diversity compliance.

The contact fee is only $25 per candidate request. Your company is anonymous, which allows you the ability to shop in private without all of the public exposure. Furthermore, since the seeker is also anonymous, it eliminates any potential biases in hiring because you are only skills shopping in the beginning, vetting phases.



What are your short-term goals for WorkSearch? Where would you like to see WorkSearch in 5 years?

          KB: “Our short-term goals are to spend a lot of time at HR conferences of all types across the country, such as the SHRM conference in New Orleans coming up in June. We are getting a lot of interest from HR managers from all industries that really love our concept. They love the “no pay unless there is success” approach.

     Another feature that appeals to those in human resources is that there is no work involved after posting a job. With WorkSearch, if there is currently no match, we will instantly notify you as soon as we have a quality match. You are not spending time constantly checking in, and that frees you up to put some of the human back into your resources!

     Over the next 5 years, I believe we can take a big bite out of the online job search space as more and more people find out that there is actually a company that cares to help both posters and seekers get connected without all the hassle. There is so much going on today with privacy issues and I believe people are just getting tired of being used for their information. The key to our success will be that we can be trusted to not take advantage of our customers.”

     Kenny Berger certainly has lofty aspirations for his revolutionary, customer-centric approach to the hiring process, but isn’t it exactly that mindset that makes the prospect so exciting?

     Who knows how much time in a day is lost on inefficient systems better than a recruiter or HR employee? If you could free up time in your day to get the stuff done that isn’t just grunt work, would you? Couldn’t you use a personal assistant, of sorts, that searches candidates for you, and lets you know when there is someone worthy of your time and attention?

     We believe that the savvy job poster is always on the lookout for ways to work smarter, not harder. In fact, to prove it, we’d like to offer you 2 Free Tokens when you set up your Free Lifetime account with us today!

Do you have any hiring horror stories? Any great tips or advice you’d like to share? We’d love to hear what you’ve got. Comment below, and connect with us on Social Media!


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