3 tips for changing career fields

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You have finally come to the difficult decision that that plan for a dream job just hasn’t worked for you. You gave it your all, but ultimately you must make a change. 

Reality is paramount in making this decision to change career fields. Money and benefits could be great levelers. After all, it is ultimately why we work, although as you have discovered, job satisfaction is very important.

Let’s say you have decided to switch from IT professional to photographer. You need to ask yourself the question: is being a photographer a viable professional choice? Photography may be a good choice as a hobby, but it may not be affordable to be a career photographer. What if you want to be an entrepreneur and you have the drive and the skills to be one? If you do not have enough money saved and another source for benefits, such as with a working legal partner, how are you going to afford to be self-employed?

However, do not forget that you must make that move. It is a question of when.

Figuring out what you want to do 

Let’s say, for example, you have made the decision to be in the medical field. You have heard from friends that it is very secure and you know you could be happy helping others.

Do all research about the medical field that you can find. Perhaps you want to be a doctor, and it turns out that you can be a physician assistant or a nurse with much less education. The question is then: could you be a phlebotomist in the meantime? By the way, what is a phlebotomist? Find out!

The point is that your decisions may be greater than you think. Are you really in a position to become educated in a field that may take a lot of time and money? Your age and current financial situation may be a consideration.

While keeping this specific example in mind, if helping others is a key objective, there are many choices. For instance, you may want to consider a non-profit agency. You could continue to work at your current position and volunteer to see if you like non-profit. Volunteers are constantly in need, and you could utilize education opportunities in the meantime.

Get job counseling

There is a lot of counseling available for making a career change, many of which you can find online. Local colleges, universities, and technical schools may also offer counseling, as well as career aptitude testing to see what you are good at and what you’d enjoy. Talk to others in the profession(s) that interests you—they may be able to offer a shadowing program.

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