4 struggles you’ll relate to if you’re in between jobs

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There are many reasons why people find themselves in between jobs.  But no matter what, unless you have a large amount of money saved, that is likely to be your primary concern.  The lack of savings could be exacerbated if you are the sole provider in your household.  If you have a roommate or a partner, things may be a bit easier, but perhaps not for long. If you’re currently in between jobs, the following probably hit close to home:

Financial struggles

One of the biggest challenges you might face if you’re in between jobs is keeping up with the bills. If you believe you will qualify, and perhaps you were told so at the termination meeting, file for unemployment compensation, either at your nearest state office, by telephone, online. It may not be much, but it can help take care of some immediate expenses until you find your next job.

Lack of benefits

A job is not just what you do to make money—for example, there are also benefits to consider. As we all know, insurance can be a great expense. If you drove a company car, what would you use for future transportation, and how would you pay for gas? Then, concern about a loss of benefits for your future, such as a 401K or a pension, could be front and center, particularly if are in the latter part of your career. But presuming that the job loss does not present an insurmountable hardship, the problems may be more a matter of confidence in yourself to deal with struggles that lie ahead.

Figuring out what went wrong

The loss of a job can be devastating, particularly if you thought it was the job of your dreams.  Also, if you believed you were doing a good job, you will ask yourself a lot of questions, not the least of which is why? In the case of “just a layoff,” it is still difficult, and you know in your heart that a call-back might not happen. Be assured you are not imagining the validity of your concerns and feelings, but own them as quickly as possible because you will need to move on in order to remain solvent.  To help the process, you may want to talk to a close former co-worker, family member, friend, or partner who has been through it.

The job search can be difficult 

Anyone who is in between jobs can also tell you that another big struggle they face is finding a new job. Try not to take just any job that comes along, but that may be determined by your financial and other needs.  If you have time, there are job counseling services and resume writing available, often for free at a local college on behalf of the community.

You will be okay—if you just keep moving toward a successful future.

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