Announcing The Best 5 Insanely-Easy Ways You Need To Use Twitter To Crush Your Job Search Now

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Do you find yourself in transition after many years of working for the same company? 

If you’re anything like me, you looked up one day, and realized that the way we seek employment, especially applying for a job, has changed dramatically from the last time you were in this position.  Today, we need to know things like “keywords”, “personal branding”, and the often dreaded “networking”. But don’t panic!  There are tools at your disposal to make this transition easier, and potentially a lot of fun.

One of those tools is Twitter. Twitter is a fast-paced, real-time communication network with endless possibilities for connecting with users from around the world. And it’s free. Although WorkSearch stands apart as one of the best job matching sites, it’s important to actively pursue several avenues throughout your job search, and beyond. Twitter makes it easier to connect in an authentic way with the very people who are hiring top talent. It often facilitates conversations that would not have happened anywhere else.

Today we are going to focus on 5 specific ways to utilize this platform on your quest to find the right job.  If you are new to Twitter, you may want to consider also reading the post Getting Started on Twitter for the basics.

  1. Listen: Twitter can be an amazing social listening tool. There are a couple of different ways to gather insights during the hiring process.
    • Use relevant hashtags to gather information on who is hiring, best practices, industry news, professional recruiters, talent acquisition, and much more. Start with the basics like: #jobsearch #jobs #nowhiring and #hiring to see who is talking about jobs, and look at the other hashtags they use for the industry or role of interest to you. You can also do a search in Google for “popular job search hashtags” for additional ideas. Then look at more industry-specific hashtags like: #ITJobs, #HR, #SalesJobs, #Marketing, #HRjobs, etc.
    • To listen during your job search is to: follow the companies, professional recruiters, or hiring managers for the organizations where you would like to work. Make note of what kind of information they are sharing. What is the company culture like? Do they have any events happening that you can attend? What does a successful employee look like…what values do they exhibit? This can give you a wealth of information about the organization recruiting candidates, and if you would be a good fit for the team.


  1. Connect: Twitter allows you to connect with people that you may have never met in person or been introduced to. Unless the account is protected (locked), you don’t need permission to follow individuals or brands.  This allows you to see what they are talking about online and (where appropriate) join in the conversation. Follow hiring managers, industry leaders, potential colleagues, staff solutions organizations, and personnel agencies. Share ideas and start conversations.


  1. Show: Since Twitter is a fast-paced platform, you can share thoughts and ideas in small pieces more frequently than you would on other social media platforms. Click To Tweet Posting valuable content that highlights your expertise or your passions for an industry should happen 3-5 times per day. There are multiple ways that you can do this while looking for job placement without “selling” yourself, and becoming someone that no one wants to follow:
  • Share industry articles or resources, and write a sentence or two about what you found helpful, or what your experience with the topic has been.
  • If you have a blog, or are publishing your own written posts on LinkedIn, share the links with your audience on Twitter.
  • Share short videos with tips, thoughts, or insight into current industry trends.


  1. Create: Twitter Lists are a great organizational tool, whether or not you’re looking for a job. As a well-rounded person, you may follow personal connections as well as professional. Or you might have a variety of interests, and want to be able to focus in on people who also like to Tweet about similar topics.  You can add people to lists that you create, without following them.  This means that if you want to create a list for job finding services, you can do that and add everyone you know who tweets about job placement to that list. Then, when you are looking to view tweets about a career match, you can go to your list instead of filtering through your feed.  Be sure to title the list as something flattering. People will see when you add them to a public list on Twitter, and you don’t want it to be insulting. Click To Tweet Tip: You can also add people to more than 1 list.


  1. Chat: What exactly is a Twitter Chat? It is a conversation that happens on Twitter, following a pre-determined schedule.  You identify the conversation through the hashtag associated with the chat.  Let’s take #Luv4Social for example.  They meet on Twitter from 1-2 pm Central time every Thursday afternoon.  If you put #Luv4Social in the search box of Twitter and then click the “Latest” tab, you will see the conversation unfold in front of you.  The host will ask a question, starting with Q1 and you (and everyone else involved) can respond with an answer or A1.  Reply to other people, ask questions and get to know those interested in a similar topic. You may just have an opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone in talent acquisition solutions who is actively hiring top talent like yourself! There have been stranger ways to recruit employees.


The basic suggestion you have likely heard from your hiring practices coach or professional development advisor is to engage in conversation. For Twitter, I want to take that one step further.  Yes, please engage in conversations that are meaningful, and work to build online relationships.  In addition to that, search for industry or topic specific Twitter Chats that you can join, and get to know a community of people that also are interested in a similar topic or industry.  For example: As someone who works in social media I may want to attend chats like #Luv4Social, #TwitterSmarter, #MediaChat, or #SocialRoadTrip to engage with other professionals who enjoy talking about social media.  Follow the same method, and apply it to those discussing the employee hiring process.

Once you identify who you want to talk to and start engaging in conversation on Twitter, the process becomes easier.  This doesn’t have to be your new life, spending 8 hours a day engaging with people online. Be deliberate about the information you share, conversations in which you engage, and the people you follow. Click To Tweet You will be surprised how helpful and resourceful the community you build will become as a significant help in finding a job, or land your next opportunity.

WorkSearch can help you find a better job, and Twitter can help you become a better networker in the same endeavor. As one of the best sites to search for jobs, we know how difficult it can sometimes be when you need help finding a job. We’d like to offer you 2 Free Tokens to try us out while you’re looking for a job in your area of expertise.

Just Text: SEEKER to 44222 to get yours today!

Have you used Twitter to make important job placement connections? Did you have an experience with talent recruitment that got it totally wrong? Do you have any tips or advice for anyone trying to find the right job? Share what you liked, didn’t like, and what you would like to see done in the future in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you, and be sure to connect with us on Social Media!

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