Common resume mistakes you should avoid

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Your resume is often the main professional representation of yourself. Aside from your cover letter, it’s usually the first thing your next potential employer will see when you apply for a position. In a competitive job market where it’s important to stand out (and in a good way), having a resume that shines is crucial.

Don’t overlook the basics

Firstly, be certain not to have typographical or other errors on your resume. Double check and triple check anything and everything. Have more than one person review your resume

Grammar is important, and look up anything that you’re unsure about. A prospective employer knows there is no excuse for usage mistakes based on the availability of the word processing software. You also want to ensure that your proficient use of technology shows everywhere. You would never want a prospective employer to get the impression that you do not care or that you lack basic skills.

 Proper formatting

It is important that you try not to fit in too much onto the resume. Clean margins, not-too-fancy fonts and a clear summary objective statement are very important in coming to the top of the resume stack. You’ll ideally stick to just a single full page; you definitely don’t want more than two pages. On the flip side, you don’t want your resume to be too short, either.

Personalizing things

In terms of being you, are you enthusiastic or are you the serious type? Do not be too much of each, and try to be both. You are in a very competitive situation. How do you come to the top? Balance may be best. Think of it this way: Your resume is as much about conveying the information about you, as an interview is about revealing the more tangible you, in person. In the interview, you may show a more personalized you.


The day of the stock resume is gone forever. You need to have as many versions of your resume as you have opportunities. If you are applying for any old job, it is okay to have a generic resume. That does not diminish the need for quality and is just as important as a resume tailored to a more specific aspect of your qualifications. 

These days, it is not just appropriate, but also it is recommended that if you want to work for a particular company, tailor your resume to that companies needs.

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