Here Are The Best 10 Ways To Be Sure A Potential Employer Is The Right Fit For You

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If you are going to a job interview or expect to be presented with a job offer from a company, guess what? Part of today’s hiring practices for recruiting candidates include researching you via Google, and your Social Media accounts. They want to make sure that they’re hiring good employees.

But who says that the company to which you are applying is right for you?

Don’t just allow the company to check you out, be proactive! Here are two ways you can do it:

  • Polish your online presence in anticipation of Social Recruiting practices, Click To Tweet and make sure that whatever you post online will – in the eyes of a potential employer – make you look competent, professional, positive, and knowledgeable. Whether it’s content you publish and share, videos you’ve created, contributions you’ve made on industry-specific online forums, etc., find ways to shine online in a creative way. When you seek employment, don’t provide any reason for rejection because of questionable posts, comments, and images.

  • Scrutinize the potential company, and their professional recruiters. Read up on what they publish and what others are saying about them, too. You have an equal right to take action. Why not invest some time and do some thorough research? Your goal is to find out if this company is the best match for you and aligns with your values, right?

Below are some strategies on how you can best career match with an organization that is actively hiring top talent:

  • Employer-Review Sites: Isn’t it great to know that there are resources which allow you to find out more about employees and their personal experiences when working at a certain company? For example, what did they perceive as positive and negative? What experiences did they have during the interview stage? Which recruitment tools were used for job placement? What are the average salaries for different jobs?

It’s a fact that people trust reviews. And savvy talent recruitment harnesses the power of a great employer brand as part of how to attract top talent. So, if you find lots of positive comments, you get the impression that you are dealing with a company that has a good reputation. But if you face a company that has several negative comments, then don’t disregard it. See it, instead, as a warning that the respective company might not be a good choice for you. Also be aware that, in a world where everything can be bought (including both positive and negative reviews!), you need to be cautious. Don’t be afraid to ask about company reviews during your interview, Click To Tweet as part of your list of hiring questions.

Honestly, how credible is that? Would it not be much better to instead see profile pictures of actual people, their full names, and even their current job title or their company’s name attached to a great review? Or, even better, wouldn’t you rather have the option to see these reviews in video format? Surely, either would give you a better impression about the company.

  • The Job Description:

When reading the job description, are you only seeing your job responsibilities and personal specifications? Is there no mention of any benefits for you or why this would be a great company to work for? Think twice!

Look for the companies who tell you what else they will offer you, apart from a good salary (ex: free parking, gym membership, free snacks, a day off on your birthday, mobile phone, work-from-home opportunities, share options, travel opportunities, etc.) Highlighting these extras, tells you that a company values their employees.

  • The Company’s Communication Style:

Pay close attention to how professional the company interacts with you throughout the interview process. How long do they make you wait until they get in touch with you (or do they completely ignore your application)? If you are already at an advanced stage in the hiring process, how are you treated? When expecting their phone call, do they call you back in a reasonable time-frame? Are their messages personalized, or do they just sound generic, as if sent out to hundreds of other applicants too? How companies handle rejection letters also reveals something important about their corporate values; never underestimate this aspect.

  • The Company’s Behavior:

Once you get to the interview stage, keep your eyes and ears open. This is the right opportunity to observe the working environment and your potential, future colleagues. Have they already told you who you are going to meet, or is this information kept a secret from you? Does every interview panel member have a certain focus and purpose, or do their questions sound repetitive? Do you get the impression that they were not well prepared in the first place?

  • The Company’s Reputation:

Try to find out more about the company by gathering information from various sources. If you enter the company’s name in a search engine, what pops up? Do you come across some interesting news that would make you feel proud to work there? For instance, have they recently won an award in their industry, or have international growth plans? Or rather, could you be embarrassed because the company was involved in some fraudulent activities which makes you question the company’s future?

If you enter a hashtag and company’s name on Twitter, what do you find? Are people talking positively about the company’s products and services, or is it mostly complaints from unhappy customers and disgruntled employees? The same is valid for YouTube. Are there any videos that would help you in deciding whether this is the right company for you?

Several tools are at your disposal, make use of them.

  • Your Interview Questions:

After every interview, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions. This is YOUR time. Click To Tweet Ask smart questions which don’t just impress the interviewer, but which give you real insights into the company and their culture. Do they give you enough time to ask and answer your questions? Do you get the impression that they have only positive things to say, never admitting the points that would need some improvement inside the organization?

Remember, it’s better to do your research in advance, to ask questions, to keep your eyes open and to get a better understanding of the company now, rather than later. How would you feel if, once you signed the company’s offer letter, you realize that you made a mistake and deeply regret your actions? What a waste of time and energy!  But even if it does happen, learn from it, so that next time you will be better prepared.

There are a myriad of ways that you can empower yourself when applying for a job. Oftentimes, the best way to find a new job requires more effort than we realize. After all, you don’t want to be somewhere just to collect a pay check. You want to be with an organization where you feel you can learn, grow, contribute, and be happy as well. It’s important that you vet your potential new employer, just as meticulously as they would you. Click To Tweet

Do you have any interview nightmare stories? Have you been through the employee hiring process with a company that got it right? Any tips or advice you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it! Comment below, and connect with us on Social Media.


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