Here Are The Best 4 Tips That Will Make You More Likeable…

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….Both Online And Off:   

      Why do some people seem to connect easily during interviews or at networking events and others struggle to keep a natural conversation going? Whether you are in the midst of a job search or wanting to polish your personal brand, being likeable is that “X-factor” that can set you apart and win you friends, jobs, sales, and more.

     Is likeability teachable? When you can break something down into specific activities, you can learn to master it. Click To Tweet While it may take considerable effort for some, for others these qualities come more naturally.

     Here are 4 qualities that you can work on both in face-to-face interactions, as well as online, to increase your likeability factor: 

     Qualities of Likeability:


  1. The ability to really listen to another person.
    Not a faked listening activity in sales where you know someone is going down their list just checking off the questions, but not paying attention to your answers. Practice listening to someone without being distracted. Look at them as they are speaking. Don’t interrupt. Ask questions to further the discussion and show interest.
  2. The ability to show interest in others.
    Likeable people seem to like others and to really want to know more about the other person. Click To TweetPractice curiosity. Ask questions to learn more about someone. Look for areas where you can connect.
  3. Have a sense of humor…even a dry one.
    It’s just harder to like someone who is intense or too serious. Lighten up and laugh at yourself. Self-deprecating humor (without taking it too far and making people uncomfortable) makes you more likeable.
  4. To be confident in conversations…not awkward.
    Confidence is a deep quality that encompasses so much, but when you know your industry, products or services, and a little bit of knowledge about everything else, it goes a long way in being able to confidently jump into conversations and find connecting tissue with others.

     Today we can begin building our likeability online before we ever meet someone face-to-face. Click To Tweet

     Take the four qualities or characteristics above and apply them to today’s online environment for greater likeability.

  1. The ability to really listen to another person.
    Are you taking time to read someone’s bio and perhaps the things they have taken the time to write on their social media profiles? You can learn a lot by checking out someone’s LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook profiles. What can people learn about you from your profiles? Are you sharing things that make you LIKEABLE? Do you have content that proves your trustworthiness or expertise?
  2. Show interest in others and be curious about them and their work.
    Take the time to connect and ask a question or two after reading their profiles. What connecting tissues do you see? Is it where they live or grew up? Is there something in their work history that you are curious about? Now look at your own profiles. Do they cause someone to want to know more? Do they draw people in and show an interesting side of you that causes them to want to connect?
  3. Have a sense of humor…even a dry one.
    Remember, it’s harder to connect with someone who is intense or overly serious. It’s not about sharing corny or potentially inappropriate jokes or comics on your profile. It’s about your unique observations, or take, on things. The way you reply to someone or what is shared in your content. Don’t leave your personality at the door.
  4. To be confident in conversations.
    Social media allows you to shine here since there is so much information that you can subscribe to and read. Be sure to set up lists and follow industry news for companies you want to work with, or people you want to connect with.

     Never underestimate the power of being sincerely likeable. It could be just the thing that lands you that amazing job, sale, or connection! We’d love to hear from you. What qualities do you feel make a person more LIKEABLE or UNLIKEABLE? Share in the comments below!

Do you have any workplace or personal leadership stories about truly likeable people? Any great tips or advice on likeability you’d like to share? We’d love to hear what you’ve got. Comment below, and connect with us on Social Media



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