How to find a new job quickly

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Whether you just graduated, lost a current job, or have had a change in your financial situation that means you need to get a job quickly, it can be 
stressful. Finding a job can be challenging as it is, but when you have to find one quickly, it can be quite demanding. Although it may not be ideal, you may need to just accept what you can to meet financial obligations, even if it means a job that doesn’t meet your interests or salary requirements. When you need to find a job fast, the following tips can help:

Focus on your skills 

If you already have job experience, that can make it easier to find a job quickly. If you haven’t had your first job yet, don’t fret: just focus on your other qualifications. For example, having any kind of a degree really gives you a good chance at employment. Getting a degree is in itself an accomplishment. You have worked hard, and you have demonstrated a degree of learning just by graduating.


If getting a degree or certification is about action, and it is, you still have what are referred to as “transferrable skills.” Good grammar and spelling, use of technology, report writing, good communication skills, negotiation abilities, and a proven ability to learn are invaluable to a prospective employee.

Project confidence

You can be honest about your disappointment, if asked, about not likely receiving a job offer in your industry. But you can make it clear that you are a worker, you are trainable, flexible, and you can learn what you may not know.  

While you can continue to look for something in your field, you can let a prospective employer know that you will give them your best, because you will. Do not forget that most people who are conducting interviews were interviewees themselves at one time or another.

Do not expect too much

It is just a fact of life that certain jobs pay certain wages, and benefits are as different as companies. Please remember this and stick to your plan. If your plan is to make money whichever way you can and you receive an offer, then take the job. You can always make a change.

If you’re open-minded about the industry you work in, and your value is in the area of your transferrable skills, keeping in mind your imminent need for pay, you may be able to afford a little more time. In the second case, serious research about companies in your area, as well as asking the locals, may be useful.  

You might just be pleasantly be surprised by the outcome, and that your initial dream job may be no longer be your goal (at least for now).

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