Ladies: This Is How To Make Sure You Get Paid What You’re Worth On The Job

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Equal Pay: The Boss Chick’s Checklist

You are a smart, capable, ambitious, and energized woman. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? However, be forewarned: If you don’t get your new hire compensation correct starting as early as the hiring process, you may import gender inequality into your position, and wind up perpetuating the pay disparity throughout your career. Click To Tweet You may ask, “What’s with the festering, traditional gender norms of male breadwinners, and female caregivers that are still potent and directly influence perception, compensation, and promotions? How does one ensure pay equity with the guy working next to you? What skills will tap into your power and how do you effectively leverage that power, especially when seeking employment?”

Here is my Boss Chick’s Checklist for gender pay equality.

Knowledge Is Strength

Establish where your (potential) organization stands on compensation transparency. Click To Tweet If you are fortunate, and work for one of the growing list of companies committed to pay equity, check that box. If your company is not on the list, ask for their gender pay gap analysis report. You may not get it, and even if you do, you should still research compensation for your position. Even if you’re reviewing candidates for a possible career match, a simple Google search or checking out job review sites will provide some solid data to consider.

Knowledge is power, and you need to understand where you stand in relation to your peers. Meet with your co-workers offsite and ask them straight out about their compensation. An open discussion on wages is important for everyone to help support one another. The National Labor Relations Act protects employees’ rights to discuss conditions of employment, including pay, regardless of your employer. Build a position of strength from transparency to know your worth. This is a skill set that you can hone, and may come in handy if you realize your current atmosphere is unhealthy, and you need help to find a better job.

Insist On Transparency

Transparency is a competitive issue in terms of your company’s ability to attract and retain female top talent, your talent. Click To Tweet Push your management for an open and transparent conversation about compensation, including explanations on pay differences. Your organization must provide an equal path to leadership positions based on a broad set of corporate values and leadership commitment to supporting an equal workplace. These are hiring questions that you should be contemplating when applying for a job. If your current employer doesn’t have this laid out for employees, it’s time to ask them, “Why not?”.

Transparency equates to fairness, and fairness translates into performance. You want to be a top performer, recognized for your hard work, and move up to leadership roles. Ask yourself, how can you do that if you are working for a company that hides its deep, dark compensation secrets? Unequal compensation is another way of saying they do not value you or your contributions. They don’t deserve your loyalty or talent, and it’s time to find a better job.

Take Action

This is about you and your strategy for success based on acquiring skills, experience, performance, qualification, and on-the-job responsibilities. Women have the means to empower themselves. Real rewards await those who choose wisely, so never sell yourself short. Work for companies that respect your skills, and recognize that diversity directly affects performance. Click To Tweet Successful talent acquisition is about hiring good employees. You owe it to yourself to find the right job. Research companies whose Mission Statement and every day practices align with what’s important to you, and inquire about job placement. There are organizations that will appreciate you. But it starts with you.

Be competitive and honestly self-evaluate your past job performance, skills, and experience. How does this compare with your research and peers? Take control by learning the needed skills and gaining the confidence to pursue leadership positions. Embrace the challenge to stretch, pivot, and acquire leadership skills that exude tenacity and assurance in the workplace. Doing so will directly impact the perceptions of your peers and supervisors, while also demonstrating your abilities.

What About You?

Consider this statistic from a 2017 Institute for Women’s Research report: Achieving equal pay for women would add $ 512.6 billion to the US economy. Click To TweetTo get there, we need to work together. Take on the role of the change-agent. Grow your skills and expand your mind. Encourage women through your words and vigorous support. Take action! Vote, rally, contact your representatives, and drive conversation at work and in your industry associations. Be a Boss Chick and seize every opportunity to grow, be your best self, and achieve pay equality!


Do you have any suggestions on how to encourage equal pay in the workplace? Do you know a man currently seeking job placement who would love to work for an organization where women were paid equally? Did you have an experience with talent recruitment or HR that got it totally wrong when it came to wage equality? Do you have any tips or advice on trying to find the right job for people who firmly believe in equal pay? Share helpful hints, what you liked, didn’t like, and what you would like to see done in the future in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you, and be sure to connect with us on Social Media! 

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