Searching for a new job when you’re already employed

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Whether you’re unhappy with your current job, or you simply want to see what other opportunities are out there, searching for a new job while you’re already employed can be tricky.

Get Organized, and Prepared—Details Count 

Update your resume, and safely use any of the time you may have (breaks, lunch hours, etc.) to start looking for new employment. If you have vacation time or holiday time, take it and devote it to your job search. Play by the rules by submitting reasonable requests for time away. One word of caution on this: if you have a lot of “time coming,” and termination is on the docket, you may draw attention to yourself and your supervisor could refuse or hold onto your request until you are terminated and severance pay is determined, if applicable.

 Please note that it is possible to not receive this pay depending upon when it is deferred or when there are differences determined by the state in which you are employed. If you don’t have an employee handbook, be sure you discretely get your hands on one and read it thoroughly. 

Be careful and show some technical savvy

Some people decide to use company equipment, time, and telephones to search for a promising new position, and, of course, that is up to you. Just be careful if you do not have qualms or residual loyalties doing this. There is history of every keystroke input on a keyboard to be kept on a computer, and you must be very careful.

Internet searches are another matter. Downloads containing potential jobs and fields of interest may be saved in somewhat secret places and you may not have administrator privileges to delete them. Unless you are an IT person, you’ll usually want to do your Internet searches at home or at a public library. Otherwise, you are doing something like this at work at your own risk. By the way, did you know if you copy your resume at work on a photocopier, the image could potentially be retained and a technical person could retrieve it?

Work on your resume and interview skills

There are a lot of great tips online that help you with constructing a resume, a great cover letter to go with it, and even help with the interview. If you have been off the market for a while, you should pay attention to this advice. Your local college or university may have free or low-cost job counseling in a placement office, offering it as a community service for a nominal charge. 

Discreet job search with

Applying for jobs when you’re already employed can be a scary thing. After all, many job listing websites these days will require that you upload a public resume that is accessible by anyone. You resume exposes who you are, so it’s completely understandable when employed individuals are hesitant to do this. As a result, some will simply prefer to quit before beginning their job search. We’ve got a better way. is entirely different than the job listing websites you’re used to. We share any of your information without your knowledge or expose your identity to the public. The only time someone will find out who you are is when they are interested in speaking with you further about the position, and you will always know about this beforehand. Potential employers will only learn about your qualifications and experience, but they will never know who you are until you’re both introduced to each other.

We encourage you to sign up as job seeker at today.

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