Why Was WorkSearch Created & How Can It Benefit Me?

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WorkSearch: Fixing What’s Broken In Job Search

     Have you ever looked for a job using the available online job boards? Have you ever been less than impressed by the results? How about the complete lack of results? We’ve been there. In fact, WorkSearch was created out of the sheer frustration that our CEO had with the way things in job search are conducted. After becoming thoroughly pissed at the system, he vowed to create a new one…and WorkSearch was born.

    Kenny Berger, CEO of WorkSearch, doesn’t come from a Human Resources background. Far from it, and maybe that’s a good thing. He’s a business owner with 4 locations in 3 states, with about 50 employees. When Kenny was looking to hire someone to fill a position, he used sites like Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, etc., and suddenly found himself overwhelmed with useless resumes. If he was looking for a Project Manager, he’d get a Nurse or Teacher. He was paying to post, then paying again to search, and not getting anything he could actually use.

     Then, it got worse (as if flushing money down the drain isn’t bad enough). Kenny learned that his private information was shared and sold after getting spammed with junk emails. He’d had enough! He was also curious that, if this was happening to him as a Job Poster, what in the world was going on at the other end, with the Job Seeker.

     After a little investigating, Kenny realized it was no better for someone who needs help finding jobs. He read countless reviews by people looking for work that had tried those same sites to help you find jobs, and was constantly confronted with reviews such as: SCAM!! UPSELLS!! SOLICITORS!! (Yes, all caps and double exclamation points.) People were ticked!

     In one case, Kenny wanted to hire top talent away from a competitor, but realized that the employed seeker had nowhere to actively search for a better job opportunity without fear of getting fired.

     With all of this overwhelming evidence, it became obvious that websites to help you find jobs, were not doing theirs. The antiquated system is broken, and even the new job boards are only slightly tweaking the old format.

     Kenny grew determined to create one of the top professional job search engines that ever existed! A place where it’s free to both post and search jobs. A place where your information and privacy are secure and both parties are anonymous. A place where diversity in the hiring process is encouraged with our unique system. A place where you trust our service because “NO ONE PAYS UNLESS BOTH POSTER AND SEEKER AGREE TO CONNECT”.

     When Kenny was asked in an interview:

     “How do you think a Job Seeker can benefit from WorkSearch, as opposed to the other available alternatives? How is the experience different? How is it better?”

     His response was: “With WorkSearch, people looking for services that help you find a job are not wasting their time sending resumes to outdated job posts and never getting a response. They are never solicited from companies trying to hire them for jobs that they are not interested in, or that is totally outside of their experience. They can shop their skills in private, without being data mined. Employed seekers can now actively seek a better future for themselves and their families without fear of repercussions. They will never be solicited to pay monthly fees for upgrades or be sold resume services. In fact, we have improved upon the old ways of resumes.”

     “Most websites to get a job are more like data collectors than they are interested in connecting posters and seekers, and that’s simply because they already have your money! Most job finder services allow the seeker to shop for free…but it’s not really free. Job hunting services use your data, try to sell you $700 resume writing services, or they call you and tell you that if you want to get noticed, you can pay a monthly premium fee to be ranked higher in the search results. It’s all designed to take money out of the pockets of the very people who may be least able to afford it. It’s just wrong.”

      Don’t you agree? We encourage you to give us a try, or recommend us to someone you know who’s looking for better job search options!

     Remember: The next time you find yourself asking, “Can someone please help me find a better job?”, that WorkSearch was born for this. We’ve even made it easier for you, just Text: SEEKER To: 44222!

Create your profile today and we’ll give you 2 FREE Tokens to get started!

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